We Remember 2022

We Remember is a memorial to Minnesota’s victims of intimate partner homicide. Each of these victims is someone’s child, parent, sibling, family member, intimate partner, friend, neighbor, or co-worker. 

Latifa Brown Pic.jpg

Latifa Tasha Brown

Age 31

St. Paul

January 22, 2022

Latifa Tasha Brown, 31, was shot and killed by her boyfriend Mark Bell Jr., 35, in their St. Paul duplex on January 22. After the two began arguing at a bar that night, Latifa left, and Bell followed her home. Neighbors saw Latifa run inside and attempt to close the door before Bell forced it open and entered the home. While the argument continued inside, neighbors overheard it and told Bell to leave. Bell then shot Latifa and told police it was self-defense after she pointed a gun at him. Although, officers found no other guns at the scene. Mark Bell Jr. was charged with two counts of second-degree murder, with intent and while committing a felony. Latifa Tasha Brown leaves behind a one-year-old child.

Linda Johnson Pic.jpg

Linda Marie Johnson

Age 66

St. Paul

January 24, 2022

Linda Marie Johnson, 66, was beaten to death by her husband, Arvid Johnson, 65, in their St. Paul home on January 24. Arvid's daughter called police after he confessed to killing Linda. Arvid told officers he was Linda's caregiver. After an argument between the two, Linda revealed she wet the bed, and according to Arvid, "something went off." He then beat Linda with a baseball bat in her bed, before attempting to commit suicide. Arvid Johnson is charged with

one count of second-degree murder. Linda Marie Johnson is survived by her five adult children.

Christeen Jo Massey Pic.png

Christeen Jo Massey (Farleigh)

Age 40


February 11, 2022

Christeen Jo Massey (Farleigh), 40, was strangled and killed by her boyfriend Jackson Johnson, 31, in their Mora hotel room on February 11. During the early morning hours of the 11th, police responded to a call of a naked man run alongside a highway. They followed bloody footprints, which led to a makeshift shelter in the woods and then to a trailer nearby. Johnson and Christeen were known to stay in the makeshift shelter. Officers attempted to get Johnson out of the trailer, but ended up in a stalemate. He finally exited several hours later, covered in a blanket and holding a knife. Johnson was arrested, unharmed, and charged with two counts of second-degree intentional homicide. He also currently has an unrelated pending charge for domestic assault. Christeen was found with a bag over her head in the hotel room, and her death was found to be from asphyxiation "with evidence of manual strangulation and assault." Christeen Jo Massey (Farleigh) leaves behind two children.

Christine Nygard Pic.png

Christine Kaja Nygard

Age 66


March 6, 2022

Christine Kaja Nygard, 66, was beaten and killed by her boyfriend, Harold Wassather, 60, in their Motley home on March 6. A friend of Wassather notified police on March 6, after Wassather told the friend he killed Christine. Wassather claims Christine asked him about seeing other women before he beat her to death. He told police he physically assaulted Christine in the past. Christine moved in with Wassather in December of last year. Harold Wassather is charged with second and third-degree murder. Christine Kaja Nygard is survived by her two adult children.

Kelli Ranning Goodermont Pic.png

Kelli Ranning Goodermont

Age 44

St. Paul

March 15, 2022

Kelli Ranning Goodermont, 44, was killed by her ex-boyfriend, Patrick Simmons, 47, on March 15 in St. Paul. Simmons stabbed and set Kelli on fire and killed her in the St. Paul warehouse where they both worked. Police arrested him at his Bloomington home, which was also set on fire. Simmons had a long history of abusing Kelli, including holding a loaded gun to her head in June of last year. Around the same time, Kelli was hospitalized after police responded to a domestic abuse call to Simmons' house. After these incidents, Kelli sought an order for protection for her two daughters against Simmons. Beginning in March 2021, Simmons' mental health deteriorated and he started walking around the house with a loaded gun and accusing Kelli and her roommate of being "witches/devils." He was hospitalized after one of the June incidents, and court documents stated he posed "a substantial likelihood of causing physical harm to others." Simmons was also charged with assaulting Kelli in 2018, and in 2013, a different woman sought an order for protection against him for abuse. Patrick Simmons is currently in police custody. Kelli Ranning Goodermont is survived by her three children.

Isaac Hoff Pic.png

Isaac Hoff

Age 13


March 24, 2022

Isaac Hoff, 13, was stabbed and killed by his mother's boyfriend, Houston Morris, 38, in his Olivia apartment on March 24. In the early morning hours, Morris strangled and assaulted Isaac's mother with several items before she grabbed a knife to defend herself. Isaac was asleep but woke up after hearing the assault. Morris then took the knife from Isaac's mother and intended to stab her, but missed and stabbed Isaac, who was standing behind her. Isaac then called 911 and later died at the hospital. Isaac's mother survived the attack but sustained multiple injuries. Morris had recently moved into the apartment with Isaac and his mother two weeks prior to the stabbing. On March 1, Isaac and his mother were granted an order for protection against Morris due to several instances of verbal and physical abuse toward her, along with threats to kill her and her children. Houston Morris is charged with second-degree murder (with intent without premeditation), second-degree murder (without intent while committing a felony second-degree assault) and second-degree attempted murder (with intent not premeditated).

Peachu Yates Pic.jpg

Peachu Yates

Age 35


March 28, 2022


Peachu Yates, 35, was stabbed and killed by her husband, James Nyonteh, 45, in Champlin on March 28. Peachu was found bleeding and not breathing in the front yard of a home in Champlin, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Nyonteh's car was found abandoned in Brooklyn Park shortly afterward, and he was later arrested in Fargo, North Dakota, on March 29. Peachu was on the phone when she arrived to the Champlin home on March 28. The woman she was talking to on the phone said Peachu saw Nyonteh and told her he had a knife. Nyonteh was overheard by the woman on the phone saying he "just wanted to talk," before the call was disconnected. Peachu had recently moved herself and her daughters out of Nyonteh's home. James Nyonteh is expected to be charged with Peachu's murder once he is extradited to Hennepin County. Peachu Yates leaves behind three young children.

Lynnie Loucks Pic.png

Lynnie Ann Loucks

Age 43

Crow Wing County

April 28, 2022


Lynnie Ann Loucks, 43, was strangled, beaten, and killed by her boyfriend, Michael Munger, 53, in her Crow Wing County home on April 28. Lynnie's ex-husband called police to do a welfare check after he received a message from Munger saying Lynnie was "gone." When officers arrived to the home, they found Munger standing in the driveway with blood on his clothing. He told police, "you're too late, she's gone." Lynnie was found in a pool of blood with a belt around her neck in the basement. Munger later confessed that he and Lynnie argued that day about infidelity before he strangled her and hit her with a baseball bat. Munger has an extensive history of intimate partner violence in Minnesota and Washington, where he previously lived. In 2015, a Minnesota woman was a granted a restraining order against Munger. Despite this, he threatened to kill the woman, and was later seen outside her residence with a gas can. That same year, he violated a separate order for protection against him, and during police questioning, threatened one of the officers. Munger also violated orders for protection in multiple instances in 2016. He is charged with second-degree murder of Lynnie Ann Loucks.

Ariel Sakry Malone Pic.jpg

Ariel Christine Sakry

Age 25

Compton Township

April 29, 2022


Ariel Christine Sakry, 25, was shot and killed by her husband, Isaac Malone, 25, in their Compton Township home on April 29. Isaac then shot and killed himself. They leave behind two young children.


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