Board of Directors 2020 - 2021 

Bree Adams-Bill


Praxis International,

St. Paul

Biiftuu Adam


Bureau of Criminal Apprehension,

St. Paul

Becci ten Bensel

WoMen's Rural Advocacy Project,


Tamara Stark

Vice-Chair of Governance



Kenosha Davenport

Sexual Violence Center,


Mandie Aalto

Advocates for Family Peace,

Grand Rapids

Kristen Walters

Vice-Chair of External Affairs

Committee Against Domestic Abuse,


Amirthini Keefe

Domestic Abuse Project,


Natasha Kingbird

Northwest Indian Community Development Center,


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1. What is your background and experience in anti-violence movements? 
2. Do you have nonprofit board experience?  If yes, please describe. 
3. Why do you want to be on the Violence Free Minnesota Board of Directors?  
4. What would be your strongest contribution as a Violence Free Minnesota Board member? 
5. What would you hope to gain from your experience as a Violence Free Minnesota Board member? 
6. What do you see as the most pressing or critical issue(s) that the Coalition is facing or needs to address?  What role should the Violence Free Minnesota Board of Directors play in responding to those issues? 

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