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Raise Awareness in Your Community

Talk to young people in your life about healthy relationships.

Get to know your local domestic violence program.

See if your workplace has any resources or policies to support coworkers who may be experiencing abuse in their relationships. Learn more at Workplaces Respond.

More ways to take action to end relationship abuse in Minnesota.

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Policy is participatory


When many people share their experiences and talk about what we need to achieve violence free communities and state, we can create meaningful change in Minnesota. The policy issues that impact victim/survivors and the programs that work to end relationship abuse are far-reaching. Violence Free Minnesota is committed to making sure our elected officials at the state and federal levels understand the needs of victim/survivors and their families. 

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Challenge the Issue

Contact your Senators

Urge your Senators to support the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 2019. The U.S. House of Representatives passed an enhanced VAWA reauthorization bill with key improvements and no rollbacks of current protections and provisions. These improvements include increased investment in domestic and sexual violence prevention; improving housing protections and providing safe housing options for survivors and their families; promoting economic security for survivors; and ending impunity for non-native perpetrators of violence against Native women and children (among others).


The Senate has yet to take up the VAWA reauthorization bill. Call your Senators today and urge their support for this important legislation.

Learn more about Violence Free Minnesota’s legislative and public policy priorities


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