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Economic Justice

Violence Free Minnesota is committed to economic justice. We work towards safety for all Minnesotans by creating fair, equitable conditions for victim/survivors to obtain stable, safe opportunities for financial independence. These conditions empower victim/survivors to make decisions about their lives and intimate relationships without fear. 

Learn more about our policy priorities: 2021 housing and economic justice legislative support agenda


“Why don’t they leave?” When trying to leave an abusive situation, one of the greatest challenges and barriers a victim/survivor can face is accessing safe, affordable housing. Victim/survivors often have to choose between staying in an unsafe home or having no home at all. Relationship violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and their children. We’re working to change that. 

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Economic Empowerment Program

Violence Free Minnesota’s Economic Empowerment Program focuses on providing advocates and member programs with tools and resources to help survivors gain financial literacy education and economic stability.

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Financial Abuse

Financial abuse occurs in approximately 99% of abusive relationships. Many victim/survivors describe financial abuse as the main reason that they stayed in an abusive relationship or went back to one.


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