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Homicide Report: Relationship Abuse in Minnesota


For over 30 years, the Coalition has provided annual documentation on domestic violence homicide in Minnesota. Formerly known as the “Femicide Report,” the Homicide Report: Relationship Abuse in Minnesota has changed its tone, purpose, and criteria over the decades. One thing that has remained consistent is the attempt to document every woman killed by a current or former intimate partner, as well as victims who were murdered while being stalked, engaging in sex work or used in prostitution and/or sex trafficking. 


No state or federal agency collects comprehensive data on domestic violence or intimate partner homicides.


Violence Free Minnesota relies on public information and news accounts for data collection. The murders of people of color, Native women and two-spirit people, those living in poverty, rural victims and children, members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community - particularly transgender women of color, people who engage in sex work, and women and children used in prostitution and sex trafficking may be underrepresented in our report as they often go unreported in mainstream media.


Please contact us if you have updated or more complete information on any intimate partner homicide.


If you have any questions, concerns, or information regarding Homicide Report: Relationship Abuse in Minnesota, please contact Meggie Royer at


Rights reserved. We ask that any use of this information be credited to Violence Free Minnesota.

Intimate Partner Homicide During Pregnancy Report: A 10-Year Retrospective (2012-2022)


In 2021, the Minnesota Department of Health received a Partnership Programs to Reduce Maternal Deaths Due to Violence five-year funding award from the Office on Women’s Health (OWH). The award was designed to identify and reduce deaths among pregnant and postpartum individuals due to homicide and suicide, with a focus on culturally- specific prevention efforts for Black and Indigenous communities, who are most impacted by deaths during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The project partnership also involves the review of violent maternal death cases for prevention and data collection efforts.


As part of the project, Violence Free Minnesota has created the following report providing a retrospective overview of intimate partner homicides during pregnancy across the past decade, using information gathered from our 2012-2022 annual Intimate Partner Homicide reports. The goal of this report is to synthesize a decade of information on intimate partner homicides during pregnancy in our state, highlight and emphasize racial disparities, memorialize and honor the victims, and recommend policy and practice changes that address the linkages between reproductive justice, racial justice, and relationship abuse in Minnesota.


If you have any questions, concerns, or information regarding Intimate Partner Homicide During Pregnancy Report: A 10-Year Retrospective (2012-2022), please contact Meggie Royer at or 651-646-6177.


Rights reserved. We ask that any use of this information be credited to Violence Free Minnesota.

Archived Homicide Reports

1989   •   1990   •  1991   •  1992   •   1993   •   1994   •   1995   •   1996   •   1997   •   1998   •   1999

2000   •   2001   •   2002   •   2003   •   2004   •   2005   •   2006   •   2007   •   2008   •   2009   •   2010

2011   •   2012   •   2013   •   2014   •   2015   •   2016   •   2017   •   2018    •   2019  •   2020    •    2021

Special Homicide Report:

Intimate Partner Homicide in Minnesota: A Retrospective, 1989 - 2018

Special Femicide Report: 

Strangulation and Women and Children Murdered In Minnesota, 1989-2005​​​​

NOTE: All Femicide and Homicide Reports are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Native American Women & Incarceration in Minnesota 

Violence Free Minnesota interviewed 62 Native American women who were incarcerated in MCF Shakopee - Minnesota’s sole women’s prison - between August 2019 and February 2020. The interviews touched on their histories of victimization, corrections systems involvement, prison experiences, motherhood, and re-entry needs.

Download the Native American Women & Incarceration in Minnesota report

The Healing House Feasibility Study

Virtual Charette April 5-7, 2022

Download the study

Vision Plan

In December 2015, the Coalition released "Empower Our Future," a vision plan co-created by member programs and others invested in ending relationship violence. The vision plan is an anchor in our work to end relationship abuse.

Empower Our Future: Vision Plan Summary

The Survivor Fund

The Survivor Fund offers one-time, low-barrier cash grants to victims of sexual and domestic
violence with generous support from the Pohlad and Allstate Foundations. Learn more about the impact of the Survivor Fund in the 2020 Survivor Fund Report.

2020 Survivor Fund Report

Policy and Legal System Reports

Violence Free Minnesota participates in grant-funded special projects that allow us to examine the realities of relationship abuse in Minnesota and the impact the criminal justice and legal systems have on victim/survivors and their families. 

Download the Enhancing Safety and Security for Victims of Incarcerated Offenders Project Report

Housing: Point in Time Count

Since 2017, Violence Free Minnesota has annually partnered with the Minnesota Office to Prevent and End Homeless to administer the Safe Housing Survey: Supplemental Homeless DV/SA Point In Time Count  - or the attempting to flee count - to count the number of people fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in one night in January.

2017 PIT Summary

2018 PIT Summary

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