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Public Policy

Public policy is the guiding principles or rules established by the government that affect the good and welfare of everyone, or a specific group of people within the general public. Legislative advocacy is one of the tools Violence Free Minnesota uses to impact positive public policy for survivors and their families.

Policy at the Capitol and Beyond

Violence Free Minnesota’s legislative advocacy - from the state Capitol in Saint Paul to Congress in Washington, DC - works to ensure that policy and legislation promote victim/survivors safety, autonomy, and pursuit of a better life.


Violence Free Minnesota supports policies, programs, and laws that align with our vision for a safe and equitable Minnesota. This includes legislation that supports member programs to carry out their missions and policies that help victim/survivors and their children find safety and thrive.

Criminal Justice

Public policy includes ensuring government entities - like law enforcement, court systems personnel, and state agencies - are responsive and accountable to victim/survivors of relationship abuse and their families. 


The safety and security of all victim/survivors requires that advocates and Coalition members build on the strengths of the criminal justice partnerships we've established over the past forty years. We use the strength of our relationships to shift policy in pursuit of new and innovative practices that lay the foundation for ending violence in all its forms. 


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Legal System

Violence Free Minnesota develops resources to support member programs and victim/survivors navigate the legal system. We work across legal systems, including the family court system and child protective services, to make policies more responsive to victim/survivors.

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