We Remember 2020

We Remember is a memorial to Minnesota’s victims of intimate partner homicide. Each of these victims is someone’s child, parent, sibling, family member, intimate partner, friend, neighbor, or co-worker. 


Joseph McRunnel

Age 39


February 15, 2020

Joseph “Moochie” McRunnel, 39, also known as Perry Joseph Bellcourt II, was stabbed and killed by his girlfriend Zara Case, 35, in their Minneapolis apartment on February 15. In the early morning of February 15, police responded to a call from Joseph and Case’s neighbor that Case broke his window and was attempting to enter his apartment. When officers arrived, they spoke with Case - who was intoxicated - and later Joseph. While officers spoke with Joseph, the neighbor called police again to state that Case was trying to enter his apartment. The officers left when Case returned to the apartment she shared with Joseph. Shortly after, police were contacted a third time by the neighbor who stated Case was outside screaming that her boyfriend was stabbed. When police returned to the scene, officers found Joseph with a stab wound to his chest, along with visible bite marks and bruises. Joseph later died at the hospital due to the stab wound. Case told police she and Joseph were intoxicated and angry when she stabbed him. She also told police she has been addicted to methamphetamine and alcohol for the last 15 years, and had recently left a rehab facility. Zara Case has been charged with second-degree murder.


Abigail Elise Simpson

Age 21

St. Paul 

February 26, 2020

Abigail Elise Simpson, 21, was killed by her boyfriend, Terrion Sherman, 23, in her St. Paul apartment on February 26. Police responded to the apartment after calls of a loud and violent argument between a man and a woman. Upon arrival, officers heard a child crying through Abigail’s apartment door, along with a man saying, “Stay down or I’ll kill you.” When police entered the apartment, they found Sherman and his 2-year-old nephew covered in blood. Abigail was also found bloody and unresponsive with a knife close to her body. While Sherman was being transported to the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center, he told officers he was on drugs and broke out of the back window of the police car. He was taken to Regions Hospital, but was soon medically cleared and discharged. Later, while talking to investigators, Sherman said he remembered punching Abigail and hitting her head against a radiator before blacking out. Abigail was also stabbed several times and the medical examiner ruled her cause of death to be from multiple traumatic injuries. Sherman was civilly committed less than a week prior to Abigail’s murder, but he was not held in a secure hospital. Instead, he was connected with various services provided by the county. Sherman was committed previously in 2019. While he initially told officers he was on drugs, in his confession Sherman later said he was not on drugs and did not take his prescribed medication because, “he is not crazy.” Terrion Sherman has been charged with second-degree murder of Abigail Elise Simpson.


Jackie DeFoe

Age 27

Kevin Shabiash Jr.

Age 20 months

St. Paul 

March 7, 2020

On March 7, Jackie DeFoe, 27, and her 20-month-old son, Kevin
Shabiash Jr., were killed in their Cloquet home on the Fond du Lac
Indian Reservation by Jackie’s boyfriend Sheldon Thompson, 33.
During a welfare check on the home, police officers found Jackie’s
body covered with lacerations and blood in a bedroom closet. Kevin’s
body was found in a separate bedroom with “observable bruising to
his head.” Shortly after police discovered the bodies, Thompson called
911 to turn himself in for the murders and was taken into custody. An
autopsy found Jackie died from multiple stab wounds, and was 13
weeks pregnant at the time of death. Kevin was killed due to blunt
force injuries. Thompson has a long history of relationship abuse
including a conviction for misdemeanor domestic assault in 2013, and
gross misdemeanor domestic assault in 2016, both against previous
partners. He also had multiple domestic assault by strangulation
charges that were subsequently dropped. Thompson’s ex-wife had a
protective order and a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO)
against him after several assaults. One assault resulted in a broken
jaw; doctors were initially prevented from performing surgery on her
due to excessive swelling. Thompson received a felony conviction
after he violated his ex-wife’s DANCO in 2017. In 2006, he was charged with second-degree murder but took a plea deal that reduced his conviction to felony seconddegree assault with a dangerous weapon. Sheldon Thompson has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder of Jackie DeFoe and her son, Kevin Shabiash Jr.


Yang Liu

Age 40

Maple Grove

March 10, 2020

On March 10, Yang Liu, 40, was shot and killed by her husband, John Wiseman, 54, in their Maple Grove home. When police officers arrived at the home, multiple witnesses reported Yang and Wiseman had a "volatile" relationship, and they often fought over "money and fidelity." Witnesses described Wiseman as wealthy and mentioned that the couple owns businesses in China. Wiseman also has homes in Minnesota, Nevada, and China. Police were also notified by witnesses that Wiseman was seeking a divorce, but did not want to contribute to a divorce settlement because he, "earned this." Inside the home, police found a letter showing that Wiseman met with an estate planner in February, along with a passport and hidden cash. John Wiseman has been charged with second-degree murder of Yang Liu.


Pauline Hollman

Age 58


March 10, 2020

On March 10, Pauline Hollman, 58, died from injuries sustained when her boyfriend, Michael Cloutier, 65, stabbed her last month. On February 15, officers responded to a call at a Minneapolis apartment from a man saying someone broke in and stabbed his girlfriend. Cloutier, who lived in the apartment with Pauline, initially denied calling 911 when police arrived. However, upon entering the apartment, officers found Pauline lying on an air mattress in a pool of dried blood. Cloutier became upset and combative with police, and he was taken into custody where he later confessed to the stabbing. Since the blood on the air mattress was dried, authorities believe Pauline was left untreated for several hours. Pauline was transported to a hospital for emergency surgery, but eventually died on March 10. While Michael Cloutier was originally charged with assault, the charges have since been amended to homicide.

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