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We Remember 2010

We Remember is a memorial to Minnesota’s victims of intimate partner homicide. Each of these victims is someone’s child, parent, sibling, family member, intimate partner, friend, neighbor, or co-worker. 


Ashley Ann Sullivan 

Age 25 

Antrim Township 

January 17, 2010

Ashley Ann Sullivan was shot to death along with her stepfather, Chester Gronewold, by her ex-boyfriend Shaun Eric Haugen on the morning of January 17, 2010.  In December 2009, Shaun Haugen had been arrested for domestic abuse and then arrested twice more for violating a no contact order issued in connection with the domestic abuse charge..Ashley and her two sons were staying with her mother and stepfather, Chester Gronewold, due to a fire at her home. Haugen killed Ashley and her stepfather and then killed himself. Ashley’s mother, Ashley’s 18-month old son with Mr. Haugen, and a Gronewold grandson were at the house at the time of the murders, but were physically unharmed.


Chester Gronewold 

Age 59 

Antrim Township 

January 17, 2010 

Chester Gronewold was killed by his stepdaughter’s ex-boyfriend, Shaun Haugen. Haugen bludgeoned Chester Gronewold, shot Ashley Sullivan and then killed himself. See information about the murder of Ashley Sullivan.


Sarah Mitzuk

Age 32


January 19, 2010

Michael Mitzuk shot his wife, Sarah Mitzuk, in an upstairs bedroom and then killed himself in a nearby bathroom.  Sarah’s father found the bodies when he arrived early on the morning of January 19th to babysit his four-year old grandson.  His grandson was in the home, but unharmed. Her friends indicated that Sarah was pregnant.


Darius Maxwell 

Age 17 

St. Paul 

January 30, 2010 

Darius Maxwell, who was only 17 and getting ready to go to college, was stabbed to death by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Darius was visiting his girlfriend at her home when Phillip E. Elphage broke into the home and stabbed Darius five times in his chest and twice in his back. Both Darius’ girlfriend and her one-year old son witnessed the stabbing. When Darius fled the house, Phillip Elphage began punching his ex-girlfriend in the face and only stopped when a friend intervened. Phillip Elphage had a history of abusing his ex-girlfriend. The abuse started when she was 8 months pregnant with his child. She broke up with him about six months before the murder and obtained an order for protection against him in November of 2009. Elphage was in violation of that no contact order when he went to her house on January 30th. Phillip Elphage pled guilty to second degree murder and first degree burglary and was sentenced to 367 months in prison.


Debrah Nederhiser 

Age 49


February 23, 2010

Debrah Nederhiser was killed as a result of gunshots fired by her husband, Morgan Nederhiser, in her bedroom and then he shot himself. The couple had married in the fall of 2009.


Edward J. Walberg, Jr. 

Age 40 


March 6, 2010 

Edward Walberg was shot and killed by Jason Mark Musburger when Musburger went into a sports bar in Chisholm to confront his ex-wife and her friends carrying two guns. Musburger had divorced in April 2009 and was subject to a restraining order as part of the divorce decree. He had threatened to harm his ex-wife and himself as early as December 2008 and had been hospitalized for observation for 72 hours at that time. On March 6th, Edward Walberg was sitting with Musburger’s ex-wife as they celebrated a golf tournament held earlier that day. Musburger shot and killed Edward Walberg, critically injured another of his ex-wife’s acquaintances at the table and caused minor injuries to another of her table companions. His ex-wife escaped unhurt. Musburger came to the sports bar on three occasions that day threatening violence. Musburger is charged with second-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of attempted second-degree murder, harassment or stalking, and violation of a restraining order. Jason Mark Musburger was sentenced to 40 ½ years in prison.


Brittany A Ellis

Age 19

Brooklyn Center 

March 14, 2010

Relando Jackson’s mother called 911 because her son reported to her there was a suicidal woman he believed to be dead near Shingle Creek in Brooklyn Center.  Police met Jackson and he took them to the bank of Shingle Creek where they found the body of Brittany Ellis. Jackson and Brittany Ellis had been romantically involved for about two years. Jackson claims they were walking on the bridge and they began to argue. He claimed that they slapped each other, he struck her, and he left her crying. After he went home, Jackson said he came back to the creek and found Brittany with her face in the water. The medical examiner found the cause of death to be complex homicidal violence including contusions, abrasions, strangulation, and blunt force head injuries. Jackson has been charged with second degree murder.


Svetlana Vladimirovna Munt 

Age 32 


March 28, 2010

Svetlana Munt and Joel Munt were divorced. There had been multiple court hearings regarding custody and parenting time. Joel Munt had a history of threatening and abusing Svetlana. Court records reference incidents where Joel Munt threatened to hurt and kill Svetlana. At one point an order for protection was issued against Joel Munt. Joel Munt had supervised parenting time with the couples’ three minor children. On March 28th, Svetlana picked up the children from parenting time. As she drove away, Joel Munt rammed Svetlana Munt’s car into a tree with her and the three children in the car. He then approached the car and shot Svetlana through the car window, hitting her seven times in the head while the children, ages 4, 5, and 7 watched. Joel Munt then put the children into another nearby vehicle, which he took from its owner at gunpoint, and drove away.  After a car chase, Joel Munt was arrested. Joel Munt was found guilty of first-degree murder and 14 other felony counts including kidnapping and aggravated robber. Joel Munt was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.


Pauline Nash 

Age 42


April 2, 2010 

Brittany Nash, a college student, said she was awakened at about 3:00 a.m. to her mother’s screams. Brittany ran to the bedroom and saw what appeared to be her father hitting her mother with his fist. She ran out of the home to call 911. Her 13-year old sister entered the bedroom and saw her father, Billy Nash, repeatedly stabbing her mother. She told him to stop but he wouldn’t. Eventually this child grabbed the perpetrator around the neck and pulled him off the victim. She then ran out of the home with the knife.  The officers found Pauline bleeding profusely. She was transported to the hospital but did not survive her injuries. Billy Nash was covered in blood and stated: “I’m sorry sergeant that you had to come out here tonight for this . . . . She was driving me crazy. . . . I killed the b___.” The medical examiner found more than 70 separate stab wounds, which were concentrated in the chest area and head. Billy Nash pled guilty to murder and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Brittany Nash said she wanted people to remember her mother, a personal care attendant, as a loving, caring soul who treated others as she wanted to be treated. Pauline is survived by six children.


Natalia Jurjevna Tomasovic 

Age 55 

Columbia Heights 

April 17, 2010

Police officers were called to a parking lot of a restaurant in Columbia Heights and found Natalia Tomasovic dead. Her husband, Jozef Tomasovic, shot Natalia before turning the gun on himself. Near his body the police found a handgun. Near Natalia’s body was a pet carrier with a cat inside. The cat was unharmed. Neighbors had seen her walking with the pet carrier earlier being followed by her husband in the couple’s car.


Barbara Miller Deboise

Age 56

St. Louis Park 

April 20, 2010 

Barbara Miller Deboise was found stabbed to death in her home in St. Louis Park. Barbara’s husband, Howard Charles Deboise, had a long history of abusing and intimidating his wife. He had made threats to kill her. She had recently moved out of the house. Howard Deboise was arrested in Kandiyohi County and charged with second degree murder.


Amy Alese Terborg

Age 28


April 29, 2010 

Amy Terborg met Trace Maxwell while she was working in the Southdale Mall. According to her family during the course of this relationship Trace was abusive. Early in the morning of April 29, 2010, Trace came to Amy’s new apartment in North Minneapolis, shot and killed her and also shot and wounded her roommate.  Police believe Trace Maxwell is also connected to the killings of two other men at two other locations. Amidst a police chase, Trace Maxwell killed himself with a gunshot wound.


Kay Marie Peterson 

Age 50 


May 27, 2010 

Kay Peterson filed for divorce in March. On May 27th, Michael Peterson shot Kay Peterson in the head three times before turning the gun on himself. Michael Peterson died. The couple had three adult sons.


Svetlana Hanson 

Age 25 


August 20, 2010

Police officers found Svetlana and Charles Hanson dead of gunshot wounds in their home in Eagan. Svetlana’s ex-husband Robin Bhattacharyya shot at the couple through the front window of their home and then killed himself in their yard. Svetlana’s divorce from Bhattacharyya became final in 2009, but they had been separated since July 2008. Three children (Svetlana’s two stepchildren and her nine-month old child) were sleeping in the home at the time while Svetlana’s father was with them in the living room when they were killed.  Neither he nor the children were hurt.

Charles Hanson

Age 42


August 10, 2010

Charles Hanson was killed when his wife’s ex-husband, Robin Bhattacharyya, fired shots into the couple’s home. Bhattacharyya’s gunshots killed both Charles Hanson and Svetlana Hanson. See information about the murder of Svetlana Hanson.


James Nibbe

Age 26

Lake Crystal 

August 31, 2010 

James Nibbe was shot in the head by his wife, Jennifer Nibbe, while he slept. His wife called 911 and claimed an intruder to the home had shot her husband. Law enforcement officials did not find evidence consistent with an intruder at the crime scene. They subsequently learned that Jennifer Nibbe had a drug habit, significant debts, and had taken out a life insurance policy on James. There was also other evidence indicating that she was having a relationship with someone else. Jennifer Nibbe is charged with second-degree murder.


Wendall Abraham

Age 64


September 23, 2010 

After a fight in their home, Wendall Abraham was killed when his wife, Helen Mitchell Abraham, ran over him with her car as she was trying to leave and he stood behind the car. She dragged his body into the woods with a rope to prevent it from being discovered and then left the area. Authorities during a welfare check found his body on October 9th. His wife was arrested three days later. She is charged with intentional murder in the second degree.


Bilha Omare

Age 32

Vadnais Heights

October 11, 2010

When authorities went to a home in Vadnais Heights to do a welfare check, they found the bodies of Bilha Omare and two of her children, a nine- and twelve-year old.  Later that same day, they arrested the husband and father, Justus Kebabe. They found him along Interstate 35 with his youngest child, a three-year old. Kebabe has confessed to killing his wife by hitting her with a golf club and strangling her with an electrical wire and killing two of his children by drugging them and drowning his son in the bathtub and smothering his daughter with a pillow. In December 2008, Kebabe was charged with fifth-degree domestic violence, pled guilty to disorderly conduct and was required to get domestic violence counseling at that time. For the October murders, Kebabe pled guilty to three counts of second degree murder and was sentenced to 25 ½ years for each murder.

Ivyn Ogendi 

8 years

Vadnais Heights 

October 11, 2010 

Ivyn was drugged and smothered with a pillow by her father, Justin Kebabe. Kebabe also killed Ivyn’s brother and mother. See information about the murder of Bilha Omare.


Kinley Ogendi 

12 years

Vadnais Heights 

October 11, 2010 

Kinley was drugged and drowned in the bathtub by his father, Justin Kebabe. Kebabe also killed Kinley’s sister and mother. See information about the murder of Bilha Omare.


Jessica Eve Buboltz 

Age 20


October 29, 2010 

Tyler Wicklund was Jessica Buboltz’s ex-boyfriend. On October 29th, Wicklund went to Jessica Buboltz’s apartment where he killed Jessica by slitting her throat. Wicklund left Jessica in the bathtub to die and took their 14-month old daughter and fled. Wicklund agreed to plead guilty to one count of first-degree murder while committing another serious felony, and a fire arm violation. As part of the plea deal, Wicklund will be sentenced to life in prison. He’ll be eligible for parole after serving 30 years.


Linda Muggli

Age 61


November 26, 2010 

Linda Muggli was a well-known totem pole carver. On Nov. 26, 2010, a sheriff's deputy called to the couple's garage found Linda Muggli on the floor, bleeding from the mouth but still breathing. She was taken to a hospital, where she died. Authorities were unable to recreate he circumstances of the death as Carl Muggli had outlined. They also reviewed Muggli's computer and uncovered Facebook messages between him and a woman he was having an affair with that stretched from more than a month before Linda Muggli's death to a few days afterward. Upon further investigation, Carl Muggli pleaded guilty in Koochiching County District Court to killing 61-year-old Linda Muggli in November 2010 at the couple's home south of International Falls.

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