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We Remember 2017

We Remember is a memorial to Minnesota’s victims of intimate partner homicide. Each of these victims is someone’s child, parent, sibling, family member, intimate partner, friend, neighbor, or co-worker. 


Senicha Marie Lessman

Age 25


January 24, 2017

Senicha Marie Lessman, 25, was 32 weeks pregnant when she was murdered by Vern Mouelle, 23, on January 24, 2017. Mouelle was in a relationship with Senicha and was also the father of her unborn child. Senicha died of a severed carotid artery or an obstructed airway, from a knife wound to her neck. Her body was found by her mother. Mouelle was found guilty of two counts each of first-degree and second-degree murder in the deaths of Senicha and the unborn child. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.  


Alicia Ann Swenson

Age 33


February 17, 2017

Justin Joseph Keilen, 42, killed his wife Alicia Ann Swenson, 33, by shooting her multiple times on February 17, 2017, at their home in Rosemount. Keilen subsequently committed suicide. 


Lacey J. Kuschel

Age 32

Todd County

February 25, 2017

Tyler Slagerman, 32, shot and killed his girlfriend, Lacey J. Kuschel, 35, as she held their infant daughter in their home in Todd County on February 25, 2017. Slagerman told Todd County Sheriff’s deputies he had been out drinking with friends that night and that he had grabbed the rifle because he thought he heard dogs barking. He said that the rifle accidentally fired, killing Lacey and narrowly missing their daughter, Aspen. Lacey's family does not believe the shooting was accidental. Friends and family say the couple’s relationship was strained and had worsened since the birth of their daughter. Slagerman was previously convicted of lying to police. Tyler Slagerman was convicted of second-degree, unintentional manslaughter and received a stay of 48 months in prison with 10 years probation.


Olivia McIntosh

Age 17

St. Paul

April 7, 2017


Wade McIntosh

Age 47

St. Paul

April 7, 2017


Marie McIntosh

Age 19

St. Paul

April 7, 2017

Maria McIntosh, 19; her sister, Olivia McIntosh, 17; and their father, Wade McIntosh, 47, were shot and killed by Jeffrey Jemaile Taylor, the father of Maria’s 18 month old child on April 7, 2017. Anita Sprosty, mother of Maria and Olivia, was also shot, critically injured, but survived. Taylor subsequently committed suicide. Friends informed the media that Maria had confided in them about being abused by Taylor. 


Carlton Campbell

Age 58

New Brighton

April 14, 2017

On April 14, 2017, Steven Abrams, 54, strangled and killed Carlton Campbell, 58, his girlfriend’s brother, at her New Brighton residence. Abrams’ girlfriend of 20 years told law enforcement that she had asked Abrams to leave her residence earlier in the day but he returned that evening and assaulted her. Carlton, her brother, intervened in the assault. Abrams then assaulted Carlton and continued to strangle him even after the police arrived. Abrams pled guilty to second-degree murder and received a 22 year prison sentence. 


Tawnja Rene Wallace

Age 48


May 3, 2017

Eddie Frazier, 49, strangled and killed his girlfriend, Tawnja Rene Wallace, 48, in Crookston on or around May 3, 2017. Frazier had a history of repeatedly abusing Wallace, who had sought an Order for Protection for her safety. Crookston officers initially responded to a 911 hang-up call from Tawnja’s apartment. Officers responded but no one came to the door. They could hear a TV inside and what might have been the sound of furniture being moved. Officers returned later after receiving a call from the Hennepin County Dispatch Center in Minneapolis requesting a welfare check on Tawnja. Upon their arrival, they found Tawnja’s daughter in the hallway, crying, and found Tawnja dead in the apartment. Frazier had called a friend and said he’d killed Tawnja and “left her for dead” in the bathtub. Frazier was arrested in Bloomington after a six-hour manhunt during which law enforcement set up perimeter and went door to door in search of him. He was initially charged with second-degree murder, but a grand jury later found enough evidence to believe it was premeditated, and charged him with first-degree murder. Eddie Frazier entered an Alfred plea and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison.


Iesha Lanell Wiley

Age 26


May 12, 2017

Iesha Lanell Wiley, 26, was shot and killed at the order of her boyfriend, Marvel Galvaston Williams, 29, by his friend, Nicholas Alonzo Jefferson, 31, in Minneapolis on May 12, 2017. Witnesses saw Williams enter a business Iesha was in and argue with her. He demanded Iesha put down her cousin’s infant child she was holding. Iesha refused and Williams punched her in the face, took her cellphone and existed the business. Iesha followed Williams into the parking lot and maced him. Williams threatened to shoot Iesha before ordering Jefferson, who was in a car, to shoot her. Jefferson complied and shot Iesha. Jefferson was convicted of second-degree murder in Iesha’s homicide. According to a 2012 criminal complaint, Marvel Williams physically assaulted his then-estranged wife by repeatedly punching her in the face and threatening to kill her. Marvel Williams testified against Jefferson and pleaded guilty to aiding an offender.


Jody T. Fry

Age 29


June 19, 2017

Jody T. Fry, 29, was fatally shot by Zittie Taylor, 32, in a parked car outside a home in Robbinsdale on or about June 19, 2017. Taylor had previously dated a woman who lived in the Robbinsdale home that Jody, of Chicago, was visiting for Father’s Day. Taylor had been known to stalk the woman at work and get jealous when she spoke with other men. Witnesses did not disclose much information, but three child witnesses stated they saw Taylor shoot Jody in his parked vehicle. Another child stated Taylor came to the home “to get drunk” and was being “mean.” After the shooting, Taylor fled and was eventually apprehended by police at an undisclosed location on June 30. He was charged with second-degree murder. 


Sandra Kay Sandland

Age 53


July 12, 2017

Sandra Kay Sandland, 53, was shot and killed by her husband, Dennis Sandland, 56, in their Crystal home on July 12, 2017. The police were notified of a possible homicide after the victim’s adult son called 911 and said his father told him he had shot his mother. After refusing to leave the home, Dennis eventually negotiated with police and was arrested the night of the murder. While at the hospital, Dennis was overheard saying he shot his wife because he was angry with her. Family members told police that their marriage had been in trouble recently and Dennis may have been violent toward Sandra in the past. Dennis pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 306 months in prison.


Jaida Marie Hoffman

Age 34


July 24, 2017

On July 24, 2017, Jaida Marie Hoffman, 34, was shot and killed by her boyfriend, Dano Ray Radawitz, 43, in their Winona home. That day, Winona police had received a call from Radawitz stating his wife, Jaida, was shot in the head after a struggle over a handgun in their home. Shortly after officers arrived at the house, a single gunshot was heard. Officers later entered the residence to find both Radawitz and Jaida dead from single gunshot wounds. No one else was injured or in the home. Jaida leaves behind three children. 


Dominga Mejia Guerrero

Age 58

Long Prairie

July 27, 2017

Dominga Mejia Guerrero, 58, was stabbed and killed by her boyfriend, Jose Raul Herrera-Torres, 35, on July 27, 2017, in their Long Prairie home. Her body was discovered by another resident of the home after Herrera-Torres fled. When the police arrived, a neighbor recalled hearing yelling coming from the residence hours before Dominga was killed. After a short search for Herrera-Torres, he was located by police, arrested. He has been found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 306 months in prison.


Michelle Le

Age 48


September 25, 2017

Tony Le, 55, strangled and killed his wife Michelle Le, age 48, in their south Minneapolis home on September 25, 2017. According to the criminal complaint, Tony Le admitted he strangled Michelle with a telephone cord in the bathroom of their home. Michelle owned her own nail salon and spa in Richfield. She has two adult sons.  Prior to her death, Michelle had filed for divorce from Tony Le and confided in close clients and friends about problems in her 20 year marriage. Tony Le pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 261 months in prison.


Vanessa Rae Danielson

Age 36


September 28, 2017

On September 28, 2017, Wyndale Fayson, 32, set his girlfriend Vanessa Rae Danielson, 36, and her apartment on fire. Vanessa died later the same day from injuries sustained in the arson attack. Fayson has an extensive criminal history, with numerous domestic assault charges and convictions against several different women. A no contact order was issued against Fayson after he assaulted Vanessa only two months prior to her death, in July. Wyndale Fayson pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional murder and first-degree arson.


Martina Lopez Garcia

Age 35


November 2, 2017

On November 2, 2017, Homero Lopez Salinas, 35, fatally shot his ex-girlfriend Martina Lopez Garcia, also 35, at her south Minneapolis apartment. Salinas subsequently committed suicide. Two acquaintances of Salinas and Martina found the bodies and called the police. Martina died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Salinas had previously been arrested for domestic assault in 2005.


Dawn Marie Blomberg

Age 59


November 5, 2017

Dawn Marie Blomberg, 59, was shot and killed by her husband, Jerry Blomberg, 56, in their Northeast Minneapolis home on November 5, 2017. After Jerry used a shotgun to shoot his wife in the chest, he then used it to commit suicide. Police responded to a call of a person threatening another with a gun on the afternoon of November 5. Once officers arrived at the home, they were unable to make contact with anyone inside, and eventually entered the residence to find both bodies. Jerry Blomberg had a history of domestic assault, and had been arrested for it in the past.


Ruzana Semenovna Yedvabnik

Age 34


November 6, 2017

Sergey Nikolaevich Balandin, 31, killed his girlfriend Ruzana Semenovna Yedvabnik, 34, on November 6, 2017. Shakopee police arrived at Ruzana’s home on the morning of November 7, after being notified that a man may have killed the woman living there. Officers found Ruzana’s body in a locked bedroom. Ruzana’s mother, who was at the residence at the time, told police she heard a heated and violent argument the night before between her daughter and Balandin. Balandin was found with a bloody knife and other bloody articles of clothing at a nearby hotel. He told police he “blacked out” the night before and “most likely, probably” killed Ruzana. When Ruzana’s body was found, she was “unrecognizable.” The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office found the cause of death to be homicidal violence. Balandin has an extensive criminal history with several charges related to domestic violence, and was arrested in 2014 for domestic assault by strangulation. Sergey Nikolaevich Balandin was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, first-degree murder while committing domestic abuse, and second-degree unpremeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Ruzana is survived by her daughter.


Paw Boh Htoo

Age 29


November 7, 2017

Htoo Day, 61, stabbed and killed Paw Boh Htoo, 29, in St. Paul on November 7, 2017. Htoo Day’s wife, T.P., was attempting to leave him and was staying with a neighbor. She requested help leaving her husband from Paw Boh Htoo a community member known for providing supportive services to women. Paw Boh Htoo was at the neighbor’s house to assist TP in translating her mail and with healthcare issues. Day threatened to kill T.P. and her family and followed her into the neighbor’s apartment where Paw had been assisting her. He confronted Paw who defended T.P. and stated she would help her leave. Day stabbed Paw in the chest and later admitted to police that he had done so. He was charged with second-degree murder. Paw was an active member of the Karen community in Minnesota and worked on a variety of issues, especially supporting women in her community.


Melissa Seefert

Age 65


November 17, 2017

Melissa Seefert, 65, died from a gunshot wound on November 17, 2017, in her Scandia home. Police responded to a welfare check at the Seefert’s residence, and found her and her husband’s bodies. It is suspected that Melissa’s husband, Clarence Seefert, 66, shot Melissa before committing suicide. At the time of Violence Free Minnesota’s 2017 report, the medical examiner had yet to release the autopsy and cause of death. Melissa is survived by her three adult children.


Jessica Suzanne Ludenia

Age 33


November 14, 2017

On November 14, 2017, Casey Hoskins, 42, struck and killed his girlfriend, Jessica Suzanne Ludenia, 33, with his truck near her Watertown home. Officials responded to a report of an unconscious woman on the side of the road and found Jessica lying face down in the grass. Hoskins appeared drunk at the scene and had an open beer bottle in his pocket. Jessica’s eight-year old daughter recounted her mother and Hoskins arguing before he attempted to leave in his truck. Jessica jumped in the bed of the truck, and her daughter heard the truck accelerate and brake three times. The girl then ran over to see Hoskins moving Jessica’s body to the grass. Hoskins’ three-year old son was in the truck at the time. Jessica died from blunt force injuries to the torso, with “marks consistent with tire tracks” on her body. Hoskins pleaded guilty to one count of criminal vehicular homicide and was sentenced to one year in a work-release program and 10 years of supervised probation.


Phanny Phay

Age 28

St. Paul

November 19, 2017

On November 19, 2017, Andre Antwan Duprey, 29, killed his girlfriend Phanny Phay, 28, in their St. Paul apartment. Police arrived to the Highland Park apartment on the early morning of the 19th and found Duprey standing in the bedroom entryway holding a knife. Officers found Phanny with a large wound to her head and a shotgun on the floor. Duprey’s aunt was staying at the apartment at the time and fled with her seven year-old daughter earlier that morning after she saw Duprey pointing a shotgun at Phanny and repeating the words “demon, demon.” Two hours before police discovered her body, Phanny sent text messages describing her fear and wrote “I want to call the police, but he has guns. I don’t want to invite a terrible situation. I am so scared.” The previous day, officers encountered an intoxicated Duprey outside a Lowertown bar on his knees, holding a bible, and saying he was ready to die. Officers later took Duprey home and no charges were filed for that incident. Duprey and Phanny had been together for eight years. Andre Duprey was charged with second-degree murder and later acquitted due to mental illness in the death of Phanny Phay.


Linda Pa Vue

Age 28

St. Paul

December 31, 2017

On December 31, 2017, Linda Pa Vue, 29, was killed by her boyfriend, Fue Her, 34, in Fridley. Linda’s body was found in the back seat of a parked SUV in Columbia Heights on New Year’s Day after police received a call about a suspicious vehicle left idling for several hours. The medical examiner’s autopsy found numerous injuries and signs of blunt force trauma to Linda. Linda had been fearful of Her, and contacted police in August, 2017, to report that he was threatening her. She also told police that she did not feel safe and wanted police to come to her residence. Her was arrested for Linda’s murder on January 2, 2018, along with his brother, Kong Her, who was accused of aiding an offender. Fue Her was charged with second-degree murder.

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