Legal Systems

Violence Free Minnesota develops resources to support member programs and victim/survivors  navigate the legal system, which includes family court, child protective services, immigration court, and more.  


Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Expungement Guide

This guide provides a background of the law that allows misdemeanor domestic violence charges to be expunged. There is a set of frequently asked questions about the law and how it impacts survivors. Helpful links for survivors and advocates are provided within the guide.


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Firearms Guidebook

A thorough guide to the firearm surrender law that requires abusers to surrender their firearms in certain domestic violence cases. Details about the law, how it is implemented, and frequently asked questions are included in the guidebook.

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Provides information on Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders (DANCO), and the statutes and court cases that impact the law.


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HRO Filing Fees Memo

Under the harassment restraining order (HRO) statute, fees associated with the filing of an order can be waived in certain circumstances. This memo outlines who can get their fees waived, and how to do this.


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Current Law on Custody and Parenting Time

Summarizes and gives context to the current law on custody and parenting time in the state. This should provide clarification for misconceptions or falsehoods that may be spread about the law and how custody and parenting time is set under Minnesota statutes.


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Advocacy Toolkit - “Crime-Free” Public Nuisance Ordinances, 

Domestic Abuse-Related 911 Calls & Housing Stability

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide advocates with tools to advocate for ordinances that allow victims of domestic abuse access to call 911 without losing their housing. This packet will also provide information on how city ordinances can be constructed to promote safety and comply with state and federal law.


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Confidentiality Guide


The “Advocate’s Confidentiality Guide” clearly explains the confidentiality requirements of a domestic violence advocate, and uses scenarios to demonstrate how these rules work in practice.


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Confidential Healthcare for Insured Dependents: Guide for Advocates and Attorneys

Use this guide to learn what options a survivor has to protect their healthcare information. The guide explains what a Confidential Communications Request is, how to submit a request, and provides many tools (such as forms, scripts, info sheets and more) for advocates to use when working with survivors on this issue.

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Providing Shelter and Services to Unaccompanied Minors

This can help with your program with the decision on how to serve unaccompanied minors.  


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DOC Visitation Policy

The Department of Corrections (DOC) updated its visitation policy in 2016 for all state correctional facilities. Victims of the crime for which a perpetrator is incarcerated can no longer visit said perpetrator. This document provides more information and outlines the policy.

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DOC Visitation Policy FAQs

A set of frequently asked questions surrounding the DOC visitation policy.


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