Prevention Network

Violence Free Minnesota convenes Prevention Network meetings every year across the state. In these meetings, we develop a shared understanding of prevention across our communities and learn more about the needs of Minnesota’s domestic violence programs. 


For the past several years, these meetings brought together Violence Free Minnesota’s member program staff from all over the state to share their efforts to prevent domestic violence in Minnesota. At the 2019 Prevention Network meeting, we learned from our member programs that prevention:


  • Needs to address systems change and social norms

  • Must facilitate skill-building, self-awareness, and self-confidence

  • Must equip youth and adults with tools to make informed decisions

  • Involves awareness generation and the provision of resources, information, and opportunities

  • Requires everybody in a community to play a role, no matter their area of work


As we continue to map our work on prevention, more information and tools will be provided. Stay tuned!


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