Online Courses

Online Courses Background

Violence Free Minnesota currently offers five unique online courses that are available to staff of our member programs. Each course is five weeks long, and uses Mitchell Hamline School of Law’s online course platform, Canvas. Courses are completion based. If all materials are completed by the end of the five weeks, the participant will receive credit for the course.


Each course includes:

  • Interactive discussion questions

  • Weekly videos

  • Weekly quizzes/assignments


Courses are offered several times per year, with a limit of  25 participants (limit of 50 participants for Economic Empowerment course only). Registration will be open for 14 days prior to the beginning of the course. Announcements for course registration are distributed over our membership email listserv. If you would like to be added to our member listserv to receive these notifications, please contact Joe Shannon at

For all other questions regarding online courses and registration, please contact Joe Shannon,

Online Course List

Basic Protective Order Part 1:

  • Participants will learn:

    • Differences between protective orders (OFP/HRO/DANCO).

    • Who qualifies for an order for protection.

    • How to write an effective OFP petition.

Basic Protective Order Part 2:

  • It is essential to have successfully completed Part 1 of the course before enrolling in Part 2

  • This course will give participants a better understanding of the following:

    • Service of protective orders.

    • Types of relief requested in a protective order.

    • Standards for protective order extensions and how to obtain one.

    • Violation and enforcement of protective orders.

    • Issues surrounding children/minors and protective orders (Obtaining on behalf of minors; testifying at hearings; GAL issues; etc.).

Domestic Violence Advocates’ Confidentiality

  • The course will go over the confidentiality rules that advocates must follow. It will build off and expand on the Confidentiality Guide. The course will be ideal for newer advocates, or those who want a refresher on confidentiality.

  • During the course, advocates will have many opportunities to master confidentiality rules by:

    • Working through realistic and common scenarios

    • Participating in group discussions.

Housing Advocacy 101

  • A basic overview of housing issues that advocates commonly face when working with survivors.

    • This course will cover:

      • Basic tenant rights.

      • Public nuisance laws.

      • How to prevent possible eviction.

      • How to address unsafe housing conditions.

      • How to access housing.

The Allstate Foundation Economic Empowerment

  • Equips advocates with skills to better serve and understand survivor’s economic challenges, and address the economic instability of victims and survivors.

    • The program utilizes the Allstate Foundation financial empowerment curriculum for education, training, technical assistance for advocates; paired with a direct fund for victims and survivors.

Course Schedule & Registration 2021

*All course dates are tentative and subject to change. If dates are changed, this page will be updated.*