Public Policy Updates


Families First Coronavirus Response Act

There are two provisions providing paid leave to employees forced to miss work because of the COVID-19 outbreak: an emergency expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which amends and expands FMLA until December 31st, 2020, and a new federal paid sick leave law that also lasts until December 31st, 2020.


Get Out The Vote: Advocate's Guide

Voting During a Pandemic

Don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic keep you from your right to vote this election season. In Minnesota, most people can vote without every leaving their home. Learn how by downloading the pdf below.

2020 Census

Despite the current crisis, it is critical everyone is counted during the 2020 Census, which is still moving forward. The Census will determine things like how much funding communities get for essential public services like healthcare, education, housing and infrastructure programs, and how many federal representatives each state will receive. The Census can be completed via physical form, online, or via phone. 

Resources for Survivors and Programs

Developed by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). These resources are designed to help survivors understand the requirements related to the US Census and to help them navigate through it as safely as possible.

Legislative Agenda

Criminal justice reform has been - and will be - a major focus area at the state legislature. Goals of criminal justice reform include: decreasing the prison population; racial and financial disparities; the length of probation sentences; and increasing successful reentry. Violence Free Minnesota supports these goals and this general approach. 


There are some concerns, including safety assessments; informed victim notification; and the urgent need for appropriate, well-resourced local programming and alternatives to incarceration.


Violence Free Minnesota’s membership shapes our legislative agenda. We work with our members and allies every year to develop an informed legislative agenda. This process incorporates the knowledge, experience, and analysis of advocates and victim/survivors across the state.  



State Legislative Update - COVID Rescue Bill

VAWA/VOCA: Federal Funding in Jeopardy

With the anticipation that that VOCA funds could be reduced by 30%-50% within the next 2 years, this guide shows advocates how to take action, and what to say when contacting their federal legislators. 

Minnesota is Safer Together

Social Media Toolkit

We have created a toolkit that should assist you in using social media to spread our Minnesota is Safer Together campaign.

Get Out the Vote: An Advocate's Guide

Learn how your program can take action and raise get out the vote efforts in your community.

Tweet to your Legislators!

Twitter is a great resource to contact and converse with your legislators. The majority of state legislators have twitter account that they actively use. Find your legislator here. Find your legislator's Twitter handle from the pdf below.